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Other services

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360° language and cultural consultancy

In the globalized world we live in, when you decide to enter a new market, it’s important to turn to expert advisers. Only a professional with in-depth knowledge of the sector knows the right steps to take and can steer clients to success on international markets.

The FullStop experience goes beyond translation. I can also advise you on different aspects of the Italian market. And, with my network of expert professionals, I can provide you with language and cultural mediation services for many other countries as well.

Find out about all the additional services I can help you with:

Multi-language project management

A Project Manager’s job involves delicate and complex coordination. An important and widely recognized position in a number of fields, the Project Manager is a key figure in the translation industry. Project Managers organize a translation project from start to finish. Practically speaking, they manage every step of the workflow (click here for an example of my standard workflow).

In the translation industry, Project Managers:

  • receive the client’s request
  • conduct a feasibility study
  • agree on the deadline
  • prepare a price estimate
  • assign the project to qualified professionals (translators, proofreaders, interpreters, graphic designers, etc.)
  • handle the final quality control and delivery to the client.

The Project Manager is often also responsible for updating glossaries and reference texts for a given client and sending them to the professionals working on the project to ensure the fullest satisfaction of requirements.

I worked as a Project Manager for close to a decade. So if you need someone who can see your language projects through from start to finish, you have come to the right place. With my experience in project management, I can manage and monitor your multi-language projects for you.

I can help you with:

  • the translation and editing of texts in several target languages and various areas of specialization
  • simultaneous and liaison interpreting
  • formatting and desktop publishing
  • web design
  • asseveration, legalization and apostilles
  • transcriptions

… and much more!

You won’t need to worry about a thing, other than growing your business. I will select qualified professionals with the right expertise for your project from my network, coordinate deadlines and carry out the final quality control before delivery.

Do you need someone to manage your language projects without having to lift a finger? Tell me what you need!


Do you have an audio or video file of a convention, conference, interview or business presentation that you’d like to have transcribed and/or translated? FullStop can do this for you too.

I provide the following services:

  • Transcription in the original language: a simple transcript of the audio/video recording in a given language;
  • Bilingual transcription: transcription + subsequent translation of the audio/video recording in another language.

While it will faithfully reflect the audio/video source, the transcription that I deliver to you will already be in its final, polished version without any disturbances (like sighs, background noise, errors and the repetitions typical of speech). Depending on your needs, I can make certain details of the audio anonymous (such as the names of people who are interviewed or the names of places).

Do you need a transcript (in the original language or with a translation)? Contact me!

Urgent requests

The business world is changing all the time. People often need a translation or other language service in a flash, sometimes in less than 24 hours.

If you have a document to be translated immediately, FullStop can meet your needs. Email me and send the files to be translated, indicating your preferred delivery date. As soon as I receive your request, I’ll confirm feasibility and estimate the cost, including any extra charge for express delivery. In addition to the date, I will specify the time of final delivery if necessary, because sometimes even an hour can make a difference.

If, in order to meet the tight deadline, I need to involve reliable colleagues, I will assemble a team that can handle your text from A to Z with the same care as I would. Before delivering the translation, I will also have one person review the entire text so that the style and terminology of the final product are consistent.

I guarantee total transparency throughout the entire process: I will clearly tell you how many professionals are involved (with, upon request, details on their qualifications) and let you know the partial delivery dates (where applicable), along with the date and time of final delivery of the full translation.

Customer service and consultancy for the Italian market

Although the number of Italians who speak English or another foreign language fluently is growing from one year to the next, a large swath of the population does not yet dabble in other languages. Do you have Italian customers who’d like to purchase your products or who send you requests for assistance and only communicate with you in Italian? I can help you with this too.

Since 2017, I have handled Italian customer assistance every day for two mobile applications on behalf of a leading consumer electronics company, drawing on both my technical expertise and friendly, patient personality, which are vital in this job.

To meet users’ needs, every day I use specific customer assistance and ticket resolution platforms like HelpScout, in addition to tools that enable me to collaborate with the rest of the assistance team.

I can also use App Store Connect and the Google Play Console to manage user reviews on mobile applications.

Beyond Customer Service, I can also help if you’re preparing to enter the Italian market and need cultural or specialist consultancy (calling on other business, legal and tax specialists where necessary). Contact me  and let me know what you need, I’ll explain how I can help you!

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